Twas the off-season before Christmas

XMas Cat

It’s the week before Christmas and over at R. A. P.,
there’s nothing but puddles where our butts used to be.
The field is a mess, there’s no beer to be had,
ah yes the baseball off-season really makes us sad.

And I in my jersey – teal with navy and white,
I’m thinking about the HarbourCats on this cold winter’s night.
Our attentions may have turned to the Finns, Swedes, and Ruskies,
but we always keep watching for news on the Beavers and Huskys!

When over on Cook there arose such a clatter,
the management team had just landed a hot batter!
And what to the fan’s wondering eyes did appear,
but new shirt and hats – some new HarbourCats gear!

Our VP/GM Jim is still there, still lively, still quick,
as is AGM Brad – his trusty sidekick.
If may be the off season, but there’s still lots of to-do’s,
securing new sponsors of new beers, good food, and cool shoes.

More rapid than Eagles (or Mariners) the signings they came,
if you haven’t been following, here’s some I can name…
There’s Griff and there’s Gretler, Dondanville and Meyer
there’s PJ and AJ and Walker, and Prior.
With twenty plus signed before Christmas Day,
we’re in really good shape for a run some would say.

And dressed all in fur from his head to his feet,
Harvey is wishing for just one kid he can beat.

The rest of us though, we’re awaiting the sun.
the crack of the bat, the speed on the gun.
So I’ll end it right here, with best wishes for all,
from your favourite blog about HarbourCats baseball!


May the season bring you joy and good times with your family (and a few tickets in your stocking!). Happy Holidays from the HarbourCats Blog,



About Brian

Avid baseball blogger since June 2012. Blogger, photographer, and graphics designer for both the defunct Victoria Seals Baseball Blog, and the first edition of the Victoria HarbourCats blog.
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