Around The Horn – Feb 25th Edition

This past week pitchers and catchers reported to Major League teams, and more and more baseball news seems to be creeping onto the 11:00 highlight shows – so it’s about time the blog got off its butt and started passing on some closer-to-home HarbourCat news!

With that, we unveil a new preseason feature here on the blog, aptly (if not ingeniously) titled, Around the Horn! ATH as I’ve already decided to abbreviate it, will present for you the most recent roster updates from the HarbourCats, and highlight each roster spot with info and stats right up to opening day. We’ll try and keep our depth chart up to date, and give you a sense of who’s doing what in their college seasons, as players prep for a summer in Victoria. With only 125 days to go until opening day, let’s get started!

As a way of explanation for the first of these…

Currently the HarbourCats have 42 signed players on the roster, made up of players from mostly NCAA Div 1 and Div 2 College and University teams. Players on NCAA Division 1 teams are a couple weeks into their 50-or-so game season, scheduled to complete the end of May with the College World Series scheduled for June 18-29 this year. NCAA Division 2 schools, along with most other state-college programs started a bit earlier, with opening days the last weekend in January, and seasons completing by April 30. Div 2 Playoffs start May 3rd, ending with Championship tournaments set for May 28-30.

Work has been underway since before the last out was made in 2015, building the HarbourCats for the upcoming season, and so far the team is shaping up nicely – if fact as of right now, the Cats could field a complete team, and have strengths at every position doing so. Keep in mind it’s only on paper for now, as academic issues, college coach decisions, and player life changes can all play havoc with the roster before June. Hopes are that team management has done a good job picking the right players and that those signed have a high potential of showing up here.

It seems more likely than in previous years, helped along by a wealth of returning players. Seven players from 2015 are set to come back to Victoria, with one back for a third year. Returning players are closer to a lock at this point, barring injuries and other unforeseen circumstances. Still, the names  you see on the list in February, are likely to change significantly from what will be in your program June 7th. Don’t worry though, we’ll keep this updated as the college season progresses for you!

Depth Chart 2016-02-25



  • As you can see from a depth chart perspective, it’s a fairly balanced squad right now, a big improvement over last season, which was played almost entirely without an actual first baseman.
  • This is a true “ballpark estimate” at this point. Some players won’t play their natural position at all (ala Griff, who plays SS for Seattle, but stays right of the bag for the Cats).
  • More pitchers, the better according to coach Graig Merritt, so expect to see those lists expand and move considerably. As the season gets closer, we’ll start identifying natural starters and relievers.
  • Unlike last year, Nick Wojtysiak has some lefty brethren on the pitching staff already.
  • Once again, the harbourCats start heavy on talent behind the plate.

Next time, we’ll highlight some of the players you see above, and update positioning as we become more familiar with each of them.


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Avid baseball blogger since June 2012. Blogger, photographer, and graphics designer for both the defunct Victoria Seals Baseball Blog, and the first edition of the Victoria HarbourCats blog.
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