Around The Horn – April 26 “The Outfield” Edition

“Josie’s on a vacation far away, come around and talk it over!”

Face it, that’s the first thing that came to your mind when you read the title. That catchy late-80’s hit finds its way onto every baseball diamond loudspeaker at least once a game it seems, and everyone sings along… And the blog loves its music references!

However today, we are here once again to dig deeper into the HarbourCats 2016 starting roster – this time focusing on the guys patrolling the depths of field out past the bags. The heavy hitters, the clean-up guys. The outfielders. Eight outfielders have been signed to date – and most are actually playing the position in college this year – but let’s face it, everyone is an outfielder until proven otherwise right?

Here is the current signed crop – oh and let’s not forget its only six more weeks exactly until opening night at RAP!

Depth Chart 2016-04-26

Ryan Anderson, UC Davis Aggies

Anderson started out the season as the Aggie’s starting 3B and played the first 18 games before leaving a game March 26th. He has not yet returned to the lineup. At time of departure, he was hitting .281 with 14 RBI and 2 HR. He was struggling a bit at the hot corner, charged with 12 errors on 45 attempts.

Jake Stone, Fresno State Bulldogs

Stone is the starting left fielder for the Bulldogs this year, with a couple starts at CF and RF (‘Cat alumni Austin Guibor is usually starting in RF). He’s started 41 of 42 games, and is holding steady at a .305 pace. His 46 hits are peppered with power, as he’s punched out 13 doubles, and a couple triples and HRs so far. A decent fielder, he’s sitting at a .948 fielding percentage.

AJ Alcantara, UC Irvine Anteaters

AJ has appeared in all but two Anteater games so far this season, starting 29. He’s hitting .288 on 30 hits, along with 7 walks and 12 Ks. Amazingly, he’s been plonked 14 times, so he’s sitting with a decent .405 on-base %. As long as he’s not taking all those shots to the head, we’ll be ok!

Matt Smith, Sacramento State Hornets

Smith is having a good freshman year so far, hitting .299 in 33 games. His 38 hits are offset with 19 Ks. Primarily a DH so far, he’s slotted in as the Hornet’s #3 hitter, but has hit in the cleanup #4 slot in a couple recent games.

PJ Floyd, Sacramento State Hornets

My guess is PJ is one guy looking to get back to Victoria to get some more regular playing time. He’s been very limited to this point in the season, with only 15 AB in 18 game appearances, none of them starts. He has only a single hit and 4 runs scored.

Cody Snider, Chico State Wildcats

Snider has had the start in all 42 games for the Wildcats, and is hitting .317 in 167 AB. His 31 RBI put him second on the team, and his 16 walks gives his a respectable .449 slugging percentage. He’s been playing LF almost exclusively, hitting in the 5-6 spot in the lineup.

Jarron Silva, St. Mary’s High Rams, Stockton CA (UCLA Bruins)

Jarron is completing his final year of high school with the Rams, and is currently hitting .385, with 24 hits in 21 games played. Silva is leading his team is pretty much every offensive category at this point.

Matt Lautz, UC Santa Barbara Gauchos

Lautz was UCSB’s highest-ranked recruit in 2015 – but as a pitcher, going 8-0 in his grad year with a stellar 1.66 ERA. That hasn’t yet translated to the college scene, as he’s yet to get into a game for UCSB. Not sure if the future keeps him on the mound or the OF, but we’ll keep him here for now.


The-Outfield-Your-Love-frontOk so I can’t let the whole “Outfield” thing go.

What does an 80’s British Punk band know about baseball anyway? Well turns out nothing. The band was originally named “The Baseball Boys”, a play on a gang name from the 60’s book/80’s movie “The Outsiders” called The Baseball Furies. The band’s marketing-genius-of-a-manager suggested that the name was too tacky, and they agreed to change to “The Outfield” – a name they called “the most left-wing thing they could come up with”. And the song itself, about a dude who’s girlfriend is away for the weekend so he invites an older woman over to “use her love” for the night, well that’s not very sporting either.

So nothing at all to do with baseball, yet by band name association alone, they have become as much a part of our musical pastime at the ballpark as Fogerty’s Centerfield, or Springsteen’s Glory Days. Any bets on if we’ll hear it opening night? You bet we will!


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